Idea for widget coloring

for value displays, gauge etc, it would be better instead selecting color from a predefined list, to have 2 color inputs:
one for min value, one for max value. when you click on min color selector, something like zergba would open, you can select any color you want. the same for max value. and the app automatically maps the transient colors between min and max, as the value chages. this would be more universal solution for any situations.

You mean like this?


what i try to explain: the current gradient settings are hardcoded and very limited.

for example: with current settings, i can not specify the colors for min and max. i can just choose from 2 predefined models. but if i want to display battery status, for example, i wish the max to be green, and the min to be red. not possible now.
with the methode i reccomend, it would be possible for every user to choose any color for min and max values from a color picker. and after min and max colors are selected, the app automatically changes the gradient color between the two values.

I mean, you’re not wrong. But the fact that it’s already implemented means it’s probably on the devs’ to-do list in some capacity.

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Controlling the color position in the gradient is planned for later. Together with inverting the gradient.