Idea for the sliders

An idea to give the slider a default setting. For example, if these are used for the control off a servo, to have a fixed leaver position in the middle off the servo . default setting in percent or a value between 0 and 256.
Testing the RC4 version the terminal works fine.
waiting patiently for the LCD option, and the joystick option. hope this will be releaced in the RC5 version

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Hello, thanks for idea. Joystick and LCD are on final stage of testing. Will be released in few days.

Maybe also custom steps for the sliders? For example, I can control my Lego trains with PWM, but it has only 8 steps (0 - 7). It would be nice to have a round knob or a slider which can do this. I’d like to divide it up in to 7 or 8 steps.

You can set up slider from 0 to 7 in the Slider settings. Or am I missing something?

Great, I missed that one. Lol. Tnx :smile:


Maybe it’s an idea to allow for custom sequences on the slider? E.g.

0-5-10-15-20 etc. In stead of numbers in order? Could be handy for some things.

maybe just use Menu widget… ?

Yeah, that could be an option, but imagine I can set a slider to display 1 - 300 with steps of 5. That would give me a hard time making using the menu :slight_smile:

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It would be nice if the slider would support grid points. So if I have e.g. a slider from 0-x that sliding would dock to near by value.

I can imagine, that all the above can be done in software, guys :slight_smile:! I treat sliders as a potentiometer, and the rest can be done easily in software (including “docking” to nearest available value, and steps of your choice). But indeed the “step” property would nicely “optimize” the displayed (chosen) value. For now it’s ALWAYS “ONE”, but it doesn’t have to be, I think…