I would like to use RTC with BLE connection from my Particle Photon

I am using BLE connection from my Particle Photon to Blynk and as such am not connected to particles servers and cloud. I would like to use the Blynk RTC to send time and date information to my hardware so that i can use is as a time stamp for the data storage on an SD card. i would like to use the example shown here in github.

But when i include the WidgetRTC.h library it does no work as it says that its “not available on this platform!”.
Is there someway to work around this?

i have managed to get the RTC working without the use of this library using the following work around. The code is as follows for anyone using particle and that experienced a similar issue:

void requestTime(){
    Blynk.sendInternal("rtc", "sync");


    long t = param.asLong();
    Serial.println("\nUnix time: ");

    Serial.printlnf("Date:  %i-%i-%i \nTime: %i:%i:%i ", Day, Month, Year, Hours, Minutes, 
    Seconds, WeekdayNumber);
    Serial.print("Weekday: ");

This code was adapted from the example on Github where the unix code is requested from blynk RTC widget and then the unix code is converted to time using particles functions.

Hello Blynk community.

I have looked through the docs and also searched read through some topics related to the widget RTC but have not come across an answer to this question: Does blynk provide

  1. The unix time for the time at which the request was made to its servers or
  2. Does it provide the unix time when the request reaches it?
    I noticed that sometimes there is a difference of 750 milliseconds between the time the request was sent to Blynk and the time that the Unix time was actually returned by Blynk. I am trying to establish accurate time keeping so knowing this will help me to adjust the time accordingly. Thanks in advance

Hello @Alli

Which library should be included when using with Photon?
Have you by any chance tried this with an Argon?

Hello @eLumaLite. I have added the following libraries to my program:

#include <BlynkSimpleSerialBLE.h>                           //To enable bluetooth communication 

I also added the Blynk.h library to my program file but did not include it in the code because it was resulting in compile errors. Using these libraries and the work around i mentioned earlier i was able to obtain the Unix time from Blynk and using Particle’s time functions (here) was able to convert the Unix time the date and time format of my choosing