I would like to control the Nodemcu with natural voice commands

this is NEHRU and i need your help for my home automation project. i installed blynk local server on respberry pi3 and installed blynk app on my i phone to control the Nodemcu and working fine. Now i would like to control the Nodemcu with natural voice commands. My Local Server, Mobile device, Nodemcu and Echo are connected to same wifi network.
I would like to use wemo emulator for the natural speech commands, My wifi router had inter net access. is this possible to give natural commands to echo to control Nodemcu with local blynk server and i would like to control all pins D0 to D8 of nodemcu. 8 relays are connected.
please advice me

Don’t start by asking for help in someone else’s topic. Start with lots of reading.

Then make you own topic (I did this one for you :wink: )

Show your work here.

Learn and progress.

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Since the voice control portion of my code doesn’t depend on Blynk (Amazon Echo ESP8266 control, with natural speech commands), my guess is that you could use it as-is, simply rerouting the Blynk stuff through your Pi server.

But to build on Gunner’s point, Blynk etiquette normally requires that one make a good faith effort (research, make, fail, pull a little hair out) before asking for help. :slight_smile:

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