I want to turn on the lights with time input widget

hey Gunner i want same as you mention but how does it works?

I want to turn on the lights when mu time input widget will get equal to RTC widget but after that how can i turn light on for 12 hours? also motors on after 7 days and fan on for 3 hours periodically.

how can i achieve through the timer widget.

I recommend reading through this topic about that widget…

Thanks @Gunner i have used this code but the problem is that when

min() == STmin();

i just wanted to start lights for 12 hours.( if stop time is less than 12 hours it will go to off
{ if min()== SPmin();} but if it is not than by default it has to turn on for 12 hour and turn off for 12 hours.


fan should on 1 hour and off for 1 hour,

I did try your code but i can not justify where to put this things because the hour problem.

and also i’m confused about how my timer id will do this.

how can i use the timer library to operate the hour problems.

BlynkTimer and the Time Input Widget are two totally different things.

As for the rest, I suspect you need logic code to compare days as well as hours and minutes… but I cannot help you for a few reasons…

A) Not my project :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

B) I actually rarely need to do any extensive Time Input Widget related stuff, so it would require my own re-learning of the process before I could assist properly :blush: assuming you had code to show.

And if you do have code, them post it properly here, in case someone else can give you some pointers.

this is my nodemcu code…

void startevent() {

  if (hour() == SThour) {                                                          /////////start hour /////////
    if (minute() == STmin  ) {  ///////////start min ///////////

    int lights =  timer.setTimer(10*1000L,lighton,NULL);

      int lightsoff =  timer.setTimeout(10*1000L,[](){
      Blynk.virtualWrite(V3, 0);
      Blynk.virtualWrite(V4, 0);
      Blynk.virtualWrite(V11, 0);
      Blynk.virtualWrite(V13, 0);
      Blynk.virtualWrite(V15, 0);
      node.l1 = 0;
      node.l2 = 0;
      node.l3 = 0;


    else if (minute() < STmin) {
      //Serial.print("Will be doing something soon");
    else if (minute() >= STmin) {
      //Blynk.notify("Please Enter Correct time");

ya i know timer widget and blynk timer is totally different but if i want to add Blynk timer library in to the timer widget

is it possible to do this?

as you have mentioned in this

or @Gunner can i add

if(min() ==  STmin() + 10) {  // is this ok for controlling things after 10 min.

// do something after 10 minutes

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@PeteKnight thanks for your reply,
But i have research the topic many times today then i found gunner’s post and i replied him,

Also about BFF i think i had tagged you many times in my query, but rather than getting advice from you, I received your unprofessional comments , I’m sorry but i have found one such answer that gunner had posted that’s why i tagged him.

and If you don’t mind can YOU help me with this if you had tried before?

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Again @PeteKnight if you can support me through this question it will great full.


I don’t want get into this[quote=“Gunner, post:11, topic:32630”]
Pete is often much more diplomatic… so don’t tick him or me off or no one will even answer you again

I don’t want to get into this

I only want to learn always . So sorry if you get offended.

I’m also :joy:

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