I want to control my windows shades with a servo using blynk and amazon Alexa

Is there any way of connecting Blynk with Alexa using a servo? I have tried Arduino iot already.
I am not really experienced in iot projects, since I am more a hardware guy.
Can someone please help me out here?

Blynk doesn’t have native Alexa support unless you go for the Enterprise subscription, in which case it is available as an add-on.

To add Alexa support to work alongside Blynk you’ll need to use a third-party library such as Sinric Pro. Another option is to use Node-Red with Blynk and Alexa plug-ins which is what I do (and it works flawlessly), but unless you’re building a full home automation setup then that’s maybe too much of a learning curve for you.

Also, nobody on this forum is likely to write your code for you, especially when third-part integrations are used. It’s really a forum to help point Blynk users in the right direction to enable them to develop and maintain their own code, rather than an on-demand code factory.

On the hardware front, you might find that stepper motors give better results than servos when it comes to controlling things like blinds.