I need to test an updated sketch on a duplicate nodemcu but the production version is running

i have a production nodemcu/blynk solution running, and have encountered a problem with the handling of one sensors data. I have developed a ‘fix’, but I want to test it locally before installing onsite…

but I have only one project… do I have to create another one for this test instance?
do I comment out the blynk calls in the sketch as art of the test process? (if !debug…do production code…)

thanks for any guidance

you have to clone your project and get the new auth

thanks… press clone says ‘share’… but am already shared, and shared is using same auth

instead of pressing share, shot the screen and add a new project with the QRcode


thanks… but you said ‘clone’…

now I have to add points for the second project to recreate the UI…

yes clone

first : clone project without share , just take a screenshot of the QRcode

sorry, i do not understand…

clone says share…, ok, screen shot…
and then?

2nd scan QRcode

and take the qrcode from your gallery


thx… got to there… now it says not enough points… but doesn’t say how many it needs…

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about what ?

when I use the QR code for the new project, says not enough energy… I added 1000 (now 1800) still not enough

ok !!!
you don’t have local server !
you have to bye energy :wink:

yes… how much . don’t remember

Work it out. You can see the cost of each widget in the widget box, go through your project and make a list ofthe widgets you’ve used different add up the cost.



thanks… would have been nice if the message had said how much additional was needed, as the calculation had just been done…

Agreed, but it doesn’t at the moment so doing your own calculation is the only way.


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ok, got the clone running…

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