I need someone to help me with my project code pleeaaaasee

I have tried a lot to program my project but I have failed and problems often appear in the code
I try to program a project that measures a person’s heartbeat by using a pulse sensor and connecting it to arduino uno and using the “if” function. If the heartbeat is greater than 240 or less than 180, the buzzer works and sends a notification to the phone and displays the number of heart beat on 7 segment
peeeaasse someone help meeee
i will be so grateful to who tries to help and and give me the right code

p.s. i have the all materials

Sounds like a job for Google and fivver

We try to help others learn about Blynk… we are not code mechanics or on-call programmers.

Have you searched this forum for other heartbeat detection topics?

PS, it is not an easy task, due to the IoT nature of needing constant communication while the sensor needs constant readings.

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