I need 35 buttons for my app.Any suggestions?


For new years I’m making a remote fireworks detonator to safely fire my fireworks (and impress my friends, mostly to impress my friends).

I need to be able to send 35 ques. Only like 20 buttons fit on a blynk screen and I also want to use the terminal.
I know blynk supports multiple tabs but for that you need to pause the app. What is the best solution for me? I want to eventually share my projects with others and sell my app. Make the coolest firewokrs detonator ever.

Some app ideas and ideas I had:

  1. I could use the terminal and send the number of the que i want to fire. that would be safer caus it needs confirmation.
  2. it would be great if blynk offered buttons the size of the LED widgets.
  3. It would be great if it was possible to have a button that asks for confimation for sensitive applications: “You pressed 5, are you sure you wish to fire rocket 5, turn on the sprinklers, self destruct your lab, send a resignation letter to your boss, gas the prisonners in the basement?”)
  4. Am I missing something?

Hey Ecto :slight_smile:
an easier solution can be divide your 40 buttons in 4 scenes
4 buttons in switch mode will enable 4 different scenarios and the 10 buttons in push mode will act as ignition

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That is so obviously the best solution that I feel ashamed I didnt see it right away.
Thanks man.

One problem with this approach is i cant give them names though. (Like button 33 rockets). In terminal i could just write Rocket without having to memorise that those are under 33. And i could allow something like /help to show the complete list of names in terminal.

Thanks for ur input, if terminal turns out to complicated i ll totally follow ur suggestion !!

Sorry … but no way should you be using an app like this to fire pyro … or even think about distributing it!

No. You don’t need to pause

Roffey, why would you say that? Please enlighten me. I am new to the scene. I have physical “armed” switches on the actual ignitor side aswell as warning buzzers, leds a locked metal case and a Real time Clock limiting the time of firing so it is pretty safe.

The fireworks are fired based on a preprogrammed timetable in arduino with a clock chip.

I just want the app mostly to check battery status, time on device, cancel the pyro launch in case of emergency, show wether the device is “armed” or not, give warnings (like humidity). As an extra feature i thought it would be useful to be able to fire all the ques individually from the app in case of missfire or in case u wanted a few to not be time related.

Please share any advice you have for me pos or negative :slight_smile:

But if I have two tabs now for my Blynk project. What will it be like if someone else downloads my blynk app in the future? Will that be two apps, one app, will it look exactly like mine?

Ah. Got your point. Well, at the moment there is no simple solution (until we add more space to 1 project). For now I could only recommend to add button-switch. and depending on value of that button-switch you may trigger either those set of buttons either those. But yes, all of them will have same name.

Thanks for the reply and confirming I was right in this assumption. But I have been working with the terminal and that actually works quite well for my application now. It allows for more safety and detail. I still think that more space or smaller buttons would be a great addition in the future though :smile:

Blynk is awesome ^^

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Hi ecto … I am the first person to applaud any tech advances in any environment … Pyro in itself is not that … it has to be respected … I know from 30 years of being involved in that field, (part of my design life) that if you lose sight of that fact, you can be responsible for something you never want to be. [never down to me, fortunately!]
Put that responsibility in the hands of inexperienced guys, then you can double that.

In the end, all you have is effectively a battery, mosfet switch (typically) and a pyro device capable of some serious damage. OK, so you have a remote device, a physical arm switch,(maybe a software cut 0ff), that now hasn’t responded. You go and get it sorted. It’s not talking.
Is it going to fire? When it’s going to fire? Got away with it feeling? Not good to have.

Pretty negative eh? Ok. lovely to have all the gui’s, simulated pyro fires, time scans, etc etc.
Get Health and Safety investigations and then you’ll know what is most important. Life.

Yeah, Blynk is good, no doubt, but it does what it does. Communicate. Fast and effectively.

I would suggest a system whereby at the receiving end, constant rate, changing communicating verification data is received. Should this data not be received, then automatic shutdown ( double relay) is instigated. SIgnals back, then re instigate.

Ok, the producer might be pssd off, but ho hum. Back to hard wired!

End of advice from a bore!

Other alternative to select item is to use slider, small one can accommodate around 8 values to make easier selection (wish to have sticky slider mode), or ~16 for long slider, and one push button for actuator…