I have lost all my devices

Today, I logged to my dashboard with email and password,
But there are no devices and no templates!!!

I have a screen copy of my devices from last saturday to show you that there were 8 devices.
see here :
I don’t understand what happens.
Where are they?
It seems that the dashboard as skiped from 118 to 318 and the server is now “Region: fra1” instead of “Region: lon1”
Can you help me please?

You appear to have logged-in with a different account.

Did you have a beta testing account, then created a new one when the beta testing ended?

The number in the URL after “…dashboard/” is different in the two screenshots, and your organisation name has a space in one and not in the other.


@whogarden Hello. Did you reset the password recently or did you create a new account? Please let me know your email.

@whogarden as a quick fix you can log in directly to It will work. We have a known issue in the reset password flow, when users create a new ACC in a different server, it is not yet fixed. Is that your case?

The account is the same in the two cases.
The password is the same and have not been changed since the first time the account was created.
This morning, I just open microsoft edge and press F5 and I and back to (/dashboard/118/global/filter/13951/devices)
All all my devices are there. Phew.
I’ll continue to look for an explanation…

I guess it’s a cache issue

You definitely have 2 accounts. The question is - how did you create 2 accs and when? What conditions lead you to create 2 accs.

I just found the answer.
It’s my VPN !
From time to time the VPN can change by its own the location.
And I tried to chose manually Some locations.
I discovered that if I manually select Francfort-sur-le-Main ( Frankfurt am Main)
the dashboard can be 318 and the region is fra1
if I select Bruxelles, or if the VPN is desactivated
the dashboard can be 118 and the region is lon1
(One big question is, can I work with germany if I am in France?)
It’s not my case because I am alone…

Yes I also want to ask same question I stay in Singapore can I work with another country?

Best Regards

This is still happening because you have two accounts.
Depending on your VPN settings the DNS resolves to either Frankfurt server or the London server, which dictates which of your accounts is accessed.


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Yes. So if you have only 1 account there would be no problem. You will be redirected to the correct server no matter what. But if you have 2 accs it works differently.

Yes. If you invite users in your org.

Dear sir
Ok thanks

Best Regards

I can’t understand how I could create many accounts with the same email / password
because there is the message This user is registered already.
I will keep looking.
Thank you.

Did you take part in the beta programme?


Yes, my account was created on april 18.

I think that’s why.
I think all beta accounts were on the Frankfurt server, then after beta ended you were encouraged to set-up a new account.
I did the same thing, creating an account on the London server and deleting my Frankfurt server beta account once the Beta period ended and the Frankfurt account reverted from Pro to Basic.


I have just created a new profile with the same email and same password in
fra1 dashboard 22120 organisation 4088MM
Lon1 dashboard 6099 organisation 4196IV

I have the explanation…
When you create a new account.

You receive an email with a link to create the account.
You can create an account on Ion1 and an account on fra1 with the same email and same password.
(this shouldn’t happen, this is the rest of my old QA work)
I have delete these 2 accounts
With the first 2 accounts (118 / 318), I think Peter your right, it’s this way this was done.

To enter the legal route, do I have to erase everything (accounts) and start over?

I don’t understand the question.


I paid for one account, but I have 2 accounts.
I don’t know what to do.
Must I delete the fra1 account?
Or do nothing
Or delete the 2 account (and loose my plus plan)?
Please help me.