I created a datastream and now?

I received some kind of a newsletter “How to set up Datastreams for use in Blynk mobile app”
it links to this tutorial

At the end of this tutorial there is written:

We hope this guide helps you set up Datastreams quickly and efficiently. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out on our forum and let us know what other tutorials we should add to make your experience with the platform even more smooth.

Happy Blynking!

This is what I am doing.

I was able to create a datastream for a single ESP32 IO-pin.
Next thing the tutorial is saying is

Now you can go your mobile app and use Datastreams in widgets. Created Datastreams will already be there and you should just choose which one to choose during the widget configuration.

Aha … —

… How do I use Datastreams in widgets ??

I want to write you my honest thoughts about this tutorial:
This is an example of giving partial information and then leave your customer alone.
@ the author of this tutorial:
please ask your marketing department “What makes a customer feel good when working with our produkt?”

If she/he is a real marketing professional she/he will answer something like this
“A customer will feel good If the customer enjoys reading, working in a smooth way having success step after step”

have you ever heard of the agile work-method scrum?
In scrum you have a role “the customer” which does what the name says beeing a customer to test the product from the customers view and then to give feedback to the development team.
Here is a very brief introduction that explains all important things

best regards Stefan

I’m not sure if Digital and Analog datastreams are fully implemented yet.
The screenshots in the tutorial show only Virtual, Enumerable and Location datastream types.

If you choose a ESP8266 device then try to add an Analog datastream then there are 4 available, yet the ESP8266 gas only one ADC pin.
For the same device type there are digital pins are numbered 0-9, which doesn’t correspond with the GPIO numbers available for the ESP8288.

As a result, I’d suggest that you stick with Virtual pins for now.

I’m sure that Blynk will welcome your feedback about the quality of their marketing staff and your thoughts on the project management methodologies that they should be using, but I doubt if they will want to discuss those topics on this forum.


Don’t work, I tested 2 days ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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me to

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