I can't subscribe 20 devices plus plan from android app

Hi. I have been subscribing 10 devices plus plan and It is going to be expired today. so I want to upgrade my plan to 20 devices plus plan.

When I go to blynk.colud > settings > billing, there is 20 devices plus plan. but When I go to blynk app > billing, there isn’t 20 devices plus plan.

So I clicked “Upgrade” 20 devices plus plan on website, but the message below was appeared.

“Your subscription can be managed only from the Blynk app.”

What’s happened? Why I cannot manage my plan on website?
What should I do to subscribe 20 devices plus plan?

Hello, @erickor.

  1. I checked you subscribtion. You subscribed to plus plan in 15.08.2022
  2. It is possible to subscribe to PLUS 20 only on the web platform.

It is correct. Subscription renewal is possible only on the platform on which you subscribed

I think in this case you’d better cancel your old subscription in mobile today and subscribe to PLUS 20 in Web.


Same situation. I have PLUS with 5 extra devices you gave me from Blynk 1.0.
How do I upgrade to PLUS with 25 devices?

Web sends me to iOS. IOS sends me to web.

Hello, @thorathome. I checked your subscription, you have 10 PLUS Monthly plan.
I think the solution in your case could be:

  1. At the end of the month you need to cancel the plan in mobile.
  2. After that, you need to subscribe to 20 Plus plan in web
  3. The count of devices in your case should be 25.

But if there are 20 devices, please write on the forum, we will increase to 25


Thanks @Oleksii-QA for your reply. I am happy to pay for the PLUS upgrade to 20 and appreciate your offer to add the 5 devices.

I currently have a pre-paid 10 PLUS plan expiring Dec 2023.
I understand your instructions but do not want to lose my pre-paid Blynk subscription between now and December.

How best to proceed, please?
Best wishes.

Hello, @thorathome. The problem is that the mobile payment system and the web are not connected. Therefore, if you cancel the tariff in the mobile application and subscribe to the web, there will be no discount (considering that you still have an active subscription).

There are two options

  1. Unsubscribe on mobile in december and subscribe on web to PLUS 20
  2. Unsubscribe on mobile (for example in this week) and subscribe on web to PLUS 20. But you will pay the full amount, without discounts, that you still had a valid subscription until December


Hi @Oleksii-QA

I wish to cancel my subscription and start a new subscription NOW for PLUS 20.

I am trying to Unsubscribe as you directed.

I canceled my subscription from my mobile. It tells me that my subscription will remain active until December.

When I go to the web to subscribe, it wants me to Cancel my subscription and tells me all the bad things that will happen.

I wish to cancel my subscription and start a new subscription NOW for PLUS 20.

Kindly give me instructions to follow.
Thank you.

@Oleksii-QA Need help upgrading my account, please.

I have cancelled my annual subscription from my mobile and want to start a NEW annual subscription now for PLUS 20.

My cancelled subscription goes into December 2023. It is ok for me to lose these few months.
I wish to start a new PLUS 20 subscription now without losing all my work.

How to do this, please? Thanks.

Hello, @thorathome

Only on the web console. And the validity of the PLUS 20 plan will be counted from the day of its payment.


Please help me. When I go to the web console, it sends me back to iOS to manage my account.

I wish to upgrade to PLUS 20 now and cannot find a way to do it.

One the web console

  • I go to the Billing page
  • I select PLUS 20
  • I select UPGRADE
  • It wants me to Cancel…

How do I proceed from this screen?

Thank you once again.

Hello, @thorathome. As fa as I understand, you canceled before your old subscription (PLUS 10) in iOS and currently you acc with FREE plan?

Thank you @Oleksii-QA .
I am still on PLUS 10 from my iOS app. It is paid to December 2023.

I want to move NOW to a PLUS 20 plan and not wait until December.
All help welcome. Blynk works well for me.

@Oleksii-QA If I cancel my PLUS 10 account on iOS, then renew on the web, will I lose anything?
Here’s the terrifying warning I get…

We do not delete anything. Devices/widgets will be locked but not deleted, also, it seems we need to update the text, as it won’t happen immediately, but only when the subscription expires.

Please, keep in mind, that when you cancel on iOS, you will keep your current Plus 10 sub until the end of the paid period (December 2023 in your case). After that you will be able to re-subscribe on the web to the plan of your choice.

Thank you @mariaShin

I wish to renew NOW and move to PLUS 20 at the same time. @Oleksii-QA has recommended that I cancel my subscription on iOS (move to Free), then renew on the web.

Is that the best way to get to PLUS 20 now and to beat your Oct 16 deadline?

Hello @thorathome.

We have carefully investigated your case several times.Unfortunately, canceling your mobile subscription won’t do anything. And now you will not be able to subscribe to the web plan.

I think there are two options:

  1. Create new acc and subscribe in web to PLUS 20 before Oct 16 deadline.
  2. Wait December 2023 in your old acc


After all of this, and Blynk encouraging existing users to upgrade their plan before the deadline of 16th October, I’m amazed and somewhat disappointed that Blynk can’t find a solution to this issue for @thorathome

Surely there must be a way that you can give him the Plus 20 access and retain the current datastream and widget allowances that go with pre October 16th subscription?


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Thank you, @PeteKnight

@Oleksii-QA and @mariaShin
I have done tris…

  • created a new Blynk PLUS 20 web account using a new email address
  • paid in advance for a year (My old Blynk account still has two pre-paid months on it!)

Is there any way you can port my Template and Devices to the new account?(Mariia has the New account email). Even if you change the authcodes and device codes, it’ll save me hours and hours of work rebuilding all my Templated, Devices, and User interfaces on the new account.

Thank you.

@mariaShin @Oleksii-QA

Hello again. After all this upgrade work is done, may I please have 5 additional Templates instead of the 5 additional Devices? This are from my long-ago legacy Blynk paid commitment.

For a hobbyist like me, we are not mass-producing anything. Each new project wants its own Template and a new Device. I’ve been a longtime customer, have subscribed to PLUS since it was available, just paid for a new year of PLUS 20 and must now port 9 Templates, 9 UIs, and hundreds of Datastreams to my new account before the old account expires in December. Had to change my Blynk email address, too!

Please consider 5 additional Templates with my new PLUS 20 account on the drummandthunder.com account.

Thank you.