I can't install with python blynk library

Hi guys, I have some problem when i try to install python blynk library for my raspberry. I have done direction from https://github.com/blynkkk/lib-python but i have met error when i use command python setup.py test


So if who have measures, please comment below. Thansk guys so much

Is suggest that you post a proper screenshot, or copy/paste the info from the screen into a post, and post your code (correctly formatted of course).


Apparently you’re trying to run the pytest test cases.
I assume you’re at this step of the guide.

That’s inteded for the developers of the library, to test that their contributions don’t break the library functionality.
You don’t need to run that :wink:

Anyway, if you for some reason want/need to run the tests, then I raised the following issue:

you can workaround the issue by replacing this line by this:

tests_require=['pytest', 'pytest-mock<1.11.2', ]