I can't get a paid subscription - Billing doesn't work

I can’t get a paid subscription - there is nothing where the information on the subscription should be displayed …

Moreover, everything works from one computer, but nothing works from another computer from which you need to make a payment…

Have you tried clearing your browser cache?


A bit difficult due to the fact that I’m not near the computer from which they are trying to pay.

But the problem was solved by changing the browser.

@Oleksii-QA need to check which browser doesn’t work. Thanks!

@Serg_Grn Hello,

Please need more information.

  1. What browser did you use in the first case? In which the billing page did not work.
  2. What OS in your PC?
  3. What server are you using? fra1.blynk.cloud?


  1. Google chrome browser.
  2. I can’t answer yet because it’s not my computer and it’s not with me. I’ll check and write.
  3. Initially, there was a fra1.blynk.cloud server, then I entered the address just blynk.cloud, but nothing has changed.
    The problem was solved after blynk.cloud was opened by the Opera browser.

Windows 10


Our QA team reproduced this issue in Windows 10 and Google chrome browser. Billing page is worked correctly. Also reproduced in other operating systems and browsers. Same, Billing page is worked correctly.

Probably it was some network connection problem. Or probably a browser update problem.

Try clearing your browser cookie in the future. If this happens again please let us know.