I Cant Add Widget At My Web Dashboard

I Got Notification while adding a new Widget, the Datastream im using is same with Mobile Dashboard.

Are you talking about the “show map - upgrade” message, or something else?

What type of Blynk subscription do you have (Free, Plus, Pro)?


Free, I mean that i cant add widget in web dashboard so its look like at Mobile Dashboard.

You’ll need to explain your problem in more detail.

Which type of widget?
What is the notification that you get?


I try to use Chart Widget, I get “you have reached the max number of data streams you can create”. The data stream i want to try is same with i use at Mobile Datastream

So how many datastreams do you currently have defined for the template you are using?


6 Datastream

Can you provide a screenshot of your datastream screen and also of the message you get?


I get this Notification at Web Dashboard “you have reached the max number of data streams you can create”

I use, V5,V6,V9,V2,V3,V4

So, the answer to this question…

should have been 12, not 4

The Free plan is now limited to 10 datastreams per template, you need to delete some datastreams, so that you have no more than 10 defined for this template.


i need to delete the datastream i dont use in that pic ?

It doesn’t matter if you use them or not, the limit is now 10, and you have 12.


It’s Work, Thank You Sir, Have A Nice Day :grinning: