I can not receive auth token

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void loop()

Hello , i have an issue with my project , i am using node mcu and just want to blink built in led on it using blynk app , i created a simple app but the problem is i did not received auth token in my email or the auth token received but after a while and then the message “not online yet” always appear in the app . my internet connection is good . this problem appear just in my work internet but in my home internet every thing is good.

Speak to the guys in your IT department at work.
The network, or possibly the ISP used at work, are bocking the Blynk traffic.


Thanks for your answer , actually we don’t have IT department we are a small business but i can log to the router and fix the problem if you give me more details about problem fixing sir . thank you

If you have a simple domestic/SOHO system then it will be your ISP that is blocking the traffic. You could try talking to them, but ultimately I think you may need to change ISP.
This will give you more insight into the issue…