I can conect Wemos d1 mini to Blynk

hi , I stay now in a motel , when I was home I connect with success d1 to my wireless acces point , here I can t i change the ssid and password but nothing good , if you can give me a code to test where the conection boken or say me where is the problem ,

On most hotels after you connect wifi there is another login page. This could be the problem.
Or DNS settings could be the source of problem.

Probably what @itopal says. The hotel system is probably based on a MAC address list. It all depends on a couple factors, but, there are things to try.

  1. You can change the MAC Address of your Wemos (see the manual connect example).

If you have your laptop been granted access, use the MAC address of your laptop on the Wemos. It’s a dirty trick, but in 99% of the cases it should work.

  1. Or it is indeed something with the Geo DNS issues.

I understand your answer and Thanks @Lichtsignaal !
Can you say me how to change the code to introduce the MAC address and I have another question is problem if I use in the same time Wemos and laptop ?

Use esp8266 standalone static ip example. There you can also set mac address of the board. After getting acceess to internet from your laptop, set laptop mac to your system.
I dont think you can use your laptop at the same time. If you can change your laptop mac address and login again can solve your problem.

The code is in the Manual Connect example (ESP8266_Standalone_Manual_IP it’s called)

Well, you are probably gonna run into really weirds issues if you use two devices with the same MAC address, but there are plenty tools out there for Windows to change them too. The last one will be a software solution, so if you reinstall the original MAC address will show up.

All MAC addresses on a network need to be unique. Each MAC address of each device ever sold should be unique … there are rare cases of double MAC’s, but that’s usually a manufacturer scew-up :slight_smile:

@Arsed Just to clarify… are you trying to connect to your Wemos, which is at home doing IoT stuff, or are you just experimenting with your Wemos, with it also in the hotel room (most people just bring a book… but us geeks, we are different), and you just need server access to make the App <-> Wemos connection?

I wonder if a “quick” local server install on the laptop might be an option?

Problem would be then connecting the laptop to the internet and sharing the laptop WiFi as a local hotspot.

Or just use the USB <> Serial connection script :slight_smile:

Darn it… I should have said that, particularly as that is all I currently use :wink: but I guess I figured that since everyone uses these ESP based boards wirelessly, that they wouldn’t go ghetto connect like me :stuck_out_tongue: