I am getting an invalid token error

hello, when I press the button on the phone, I can turn the led on, but when I use “” I get an invalid token warning. I’m new to blynk and I couldn’t understand why I came across something like this. Thanks for help. note: my english is bad i use google transate

Are you using Blynk Legacy or Blynk IoT?

How did you obtain the IP address?


i am using new blynk and i got ip address by ping blynk-cloud.com

Blynk-cloud.com belongs to the old blynk, now it’s blynk.cloud
and to use the new blynk api check this out
Overview - Blynk Documentation

thank you, i will try and report back

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https://blynk.cloud/external/api/get?token=GJXxb6yMJN1z6-0wo5D575ZrV2kCE5Vh&D4” I didn’t get an error when I used it, I want to use it with ifttt, how can I do that?

What are you trying to achieve exactly ?

obviously I will connect it to my apartment door and I want to control it with siri I will connect webbook to if this part in ifttt but then I don’t know how to connect it to that part as far as I researched on the internet they were doing it with a webhook but those who did did it with the old blynk I did not understand how to do this with the new blynk

As far as I know you can’t use Siri with IFTTT, instead you can use google assistant or alexa.

I know, I will webhook in ifttt and use it in shortcuts in ios i will name this link when i tell this name to siri the link will open and ifttt will open the circuit

I don’t have an ios device to test this but you mentioned that it’s doable using the old blynk so all you have to do is just replace the old blynk api with the new blynk api and it should work just fine.

how can I do that?

I made it using the new blynk, thank you for your interest :slight_smile:

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code: “https://blynk.cloud/external/api/update?token={token}&{input pin}={0,1}”

The IFTTT side is exactly the same - just with a slightly different Blynk URL.

will cause problems, because depending on the geographical location of the IFTTT server, it may resolve to a different Blynk server - which won’t work.
You need to force IFTTT to use the correct Blynk server.
In Legacy this was done by using the IP address of the server, but this isn’t recommended with Blynk IoT.
Instead, you should include the server subdomain in the API call, as described here:


The usual IFTTT recommendations apply…

  1. Put the entire Blynk API call in the URL filed if IFTTT
  2. Use the GET method in IFTTT
  3. Leave the Body field blank in IFTTT


I don’t need ifttt anymore, I will run the url in shortcuts and then do the same to turn it off. Thank you for your interest :slight_smile:

So your problem is solved?


yes done

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