I am also doing same project “ Cooler”

I am also doing same project “ Cooler”
And I have same problem “ new project wasn’t online yet”
What should I do now
Please help me I try lots of different methods
And I have brand new Bluetooth

Please don’t reopen old topics with “me too” issues. I moved your post into your own current topic.

Please supply actual details on your own project, what you are using, trying, etc. Thanks

I am using Arduino Uno , HC-05, L298n, compass, gps module.
Then follow all instructions form website
After that on Blynk app it is showing “wasn’t online yet”
What should I do

What instructions… what website?

OK, found it. You can also try asking ask the author on that site.

Start with just the UNO and HC-05, make sure you have it wired correctly, using Softwareserial, and proper power (you may need to Google for that as it is NOT a Blynk specific connection)

Depending on how these connect, you might have problems using them on an UNO as it only has the one Serial port, needed for Programming and possibly debugging, and standard SoftwareSerial will not allow simultaneous communication with more than one port at a time.

How to use google for this
I am new with this Blynk



but I already connect the Arduino and HC-05

So, then that introductory Blynk Blink sketch I linked above (possibly adjusted for whatever physical pins you used for Softserial) now loads and works?

No work
Device wasn’t online yet
Help me please.

So, will this work with any other Arduino/BT code… non-Blynk that is?

I have been trying… no need to keep begging :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What should I do now

Dude… do whatever you want :slight_smile: But i recommend re-reading what I have already written, and getting the Arduino & BT module working with basic Arduino code… to confirm that your connections are in fact properly done…

Then once that works, you can try the basic BT examples in the Blynk Sketch builder, as they should then work…

Finally, after all that, go for the much more advanced cooler project if you so wish…

But sorry, I can NOT going to hold your hand through this all, I have my own things to work on.

Any other similar projects which I can do just like “Follow me cooler”
Any other
Please Gunner help me this is my final project

Well not really, you are just copying another persons project and showing that you can follow the step-by-step directions they have provided for you.

As this is your final project, why not try to come up with one on your own? Instead of just copying someone else? I can see using existing projects as guides and such, but I would think that you would want to come up with something unique. Or, maybe improve on the existing one. As shown in the video, the cooler seems to have some limitations, maybe incorporate a sensor and add obstacle avoidance so that it can navigate through an opening a little better.

But back to your original problem…

Have you changed the auth token to the one listed in your app? Are you including all of the necessary tabs in the arduino sketch?

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Total 4 tabs

did you input your auth token on the definitions tab

It is already in definitions tab

I am getting 2 message
First wasn’t online yet
Second Something went wrong connecting to your Bluetooth device. Please try again later

Well sometimes it helps to go back to the basics. Upload a basic Bluetooth sketch, and see if you can just establish a connection, then try to blink a LED or something. Once you have the connection part worked out, then try to see what you may need to correct/modify in the cooler sketch to get it going.


Do we need Blynk Cloud or Blynk Server