Huawei e3372

It’s possible to use this GSM modem with local Blynk server?

There’s a few of issues you’ll face…

  1. The device you use for your server will need to have drivers available for the USB interface of the E3372. Not an issue if it’s a Windows 10 machine, but I don’t know about other devices.

  2. You’d normally need forward the ports to the machine you’re using as your server. I don’t know how this would work with the device plugged into your server.

  3. You’ll need to use a DDNS service like No-IP.

  4. The server is constantly talking to the app and devices, so data usage may be an issue.

  5. Some mobile providers appear to block Blynk data, especially Vodafone in a South Africa.

I think I would consider using one of the HUAWEI travel routers that take a SIM card and give the option of port forwarding and simply provide a Wi-Fi network that any device could connect to.

Don’t forget that your ‘local’ server could be anywhere in the world, so locating it in a location where there is a good internet connection is an option.