HTTPS REST API request with no response from server


We´re experiencing problems with api requests since earlier today.
Several request for Get Datastream Value is not returning any value.
We have several devices and need to get VPin value to update status in our platform.
We are unable to do that because many request are returning nothing.

We use the GET bellow{token}&{pin}

Can someone help?
It´s urgent.


Max number of export data calls (/external/api/data/get) per device per day (both UI and HTTPS API export) = 10
Max number of the update requests (/external/api/update) per device per day = 500,000


@Dmitriy @vshymanskyy
It’s random.
Some requests are returning as expected other requests not on the same device.
This is happening on multiple devices.


Hello, what server are you using?

Hi @Oleksii-QA
We are using in the url.
My console is showing Region: ny3

For some requests we get response.
As you can see from printscreen bellow

Have you read the REST API troubleshooting guide about regional subdomains?…


Subdomain seems to be the problem.
I tested it here using subdomain ny3 and all requests returned.
Many thanks.

@Oleksii-QA can you confirm?
Until today we had no problems like this.

Our team testing this issue

Problem persists.
On a smaller scale after we change to subdomain.

@BuildInnovation It is problem only with response for pin with 0 or 1 value?

and please try test{token}&{pin}

Yes. We expect return 0 or 1.
We already tested this url with ny3 and problem persists.
for some requests we have a return for others not.
This problem starts today.
We need a solution fast.

@Oleksii-QA @vshymanskyy @Dmitriy

For reference, when I change manually the VPin value on web console (from 0 to 1), return it to previous value and then call the api using{token}&{pin}
I got regular response during a some time. But after couple hours stops responding again.

I would like to know if you have any idea how can we bypass this issue.
Unitll yesterday everything was running fine.


In your datastream setup do you have an invalidation rule that sets the value to null after a couple of hours?



@BuildInnovation I checked your settings. Here is the settings for your pin:

You enabled invalidation and when invalidation happens you set the value to the Default. But! Default value is not set / missing. So you get “no value” as the result.

In order to fix the issue, you need to either set the default value to 0 or remove invalidation rule.


@Dmitriy Thanks for the support.
We removed the invalidation rule and will follow next hours to ensure that our service will run as expected.
@PeteKnight thanks for the collaboration.