HTTP RESTful API how to ping Blynk Server

Hi everybody
I run a Java application on top of Linux in an embedded hardware and wish to add IoT functionality.
HTTP RESTful API is very convenient and very well documented. I’ve managed to connect to the Blynk Cloud and exchange information between hardware and my Android mobile. I keep working and expect to have a Blynk java class which will provide many of the Blynk library functions in the next few days.
An essential functionality is missing, which i wasn’t able to find in documentation, or into similar topics.
Although connection between Hardware-BlynkServer-Application is fine and exchange of data is as expected, a “Device is offline” message appears on the bottom of the DashBoard upon starup of the application, while “Wasn’t online yet” message appears on the relative tab of the Application.
Also “isHardwareConnected” call returns “false”, unlike “isAppConnected” which returns “true”.
I’ve seen in the documents that “online” checking is effected by continuous pinging (every 10sec) the server from the hardware.
I guess this is not a simple ping action to “” (although i desperately tried this), but a more complicated call to the server, including auth_code etc.
Kindly advise

Best Regards

Hello. You are right. But I don’t see any question here.

the question is how to ping succesfully and declare the presence of my device into Blynk server. for example, I would be happy to know a valid URL to make a call every 10sec.
Something like “”, or any other way

Ah… I see. I created ticket for that - Hopefully I’ll fix it in few days.

That’s fine, thank you!