HTTP REST api, unreadable QR

Using REST api to get QR code for sharing ( from my local blynk server i get an unreadable png (it’s not recognized by Blynk app, although no error message fired).
Local Server: v0.34.2 java8 version
Library: v0.5.2
App: v2.20.1

I believe there are different QR codes for sharing and cloning, be sure you are generating/using the correct one for each case.

Also I think I recall some issue with “old vs new”… (whatever that means :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) QR codes with iOS. And not clear what phone type you used.

Search this forum for keywords like QR Local Server for more info.

And perhaps post the QR here so the developers can check it?

As RESTful API docs say, it’s for cloning

Yes you are right, i didn’t mention about phone. iOS? Well, i’m not that rich :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
i own an Android 7.0 phone (xiaomi redmi note4)

Forum searched, didn’t find something similar…

I’m not sure i’m doing it according to the rules of the forum, but here they go (one from Blynk Android App which works fine, the other from HTTP REST api which is the subject of this topic.

Original from Blynk App, working

Qr from Blynk REST api (

I don’t know if has something to do with this, i’m using Firefox 59.0.2 (64-bit), OS Win10 Pro

By the way i was wondering, is there a REST api call to retrieve “Shared QR”

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@kostas good catch. This is server bug. We will fix it with next server release.