Is possible to know the url to get value from analog pin (from sensors), and to set value for pwm digital pins?

just check this link

I had seen this link, but there aren’t the two commands that i asked.

Why can’t you use regular GET/PUT Http API for your purpose?

i tryed and the response is Requested pin not exists in app.

A0 - is pin label. For HTTP API you have to use pin index. Also you need to have widgets for digital/analog pins. It is recommended to use virtual pins as they are simpler.

sorry i didn’t understand, if i would get value from A0 pin from arduino uno, how can i get it?

@Daniele_Guglielmi the link provided by @Dmitriy takes you to a set of json files for all devices that can connect to Blynk.

For the Uno there is a line in the json file that defines the analogue ports:

"A0": 14, "A1": 15, "A2": 16, "A3": 17, "A4": 18, "A5": 19

So forget the “Ax” references and use the real pin numbers.

Virtual pins are more flexible so if you read a pin (analogue or digital) you can write this to a virtual pin. You are then able to recover the state of the pin at any time. Look up virtualWrite() and syncVirtual().

i tryed but it says wrong pin format

Are you entering device_token or your 32 character token, as it needs to be the latter?

no i was entering my 32 character token

Write the sensor value to a virtual pin (like Value Display) and then use the API on the virtual pin.

is it possilble to do this without blynk application?

Try putting a D before the 14 as I believe the super powerful virtual pins that use the V prefix can also be used without a prefix. So with 14 you would be working with Virtual pin 14 not analogue A0.

The single Analogue port for a WeMos D1 Mini is pin 17 from the relevant json file.

…/get/D17 comes back with “Requested pin not exists in app.” which would be right.
…update/D2?value=0 turns ON the onboard LED on GPIO 2 (active low), corect.
…/get/D2 returns [0] when LED is on and [1] when off, which is correct.

Maybe I’ll add the analogue port to the app to be sure /get/D17 works.

Hope these examples help.

thank you so much it was like you were saying, but to work requires you to be present in the app. It is possible to add the pin to project without the app?

You can add pins to your sketch but you must use the app for the pins to become live.

Not required.

Yes. In case you use pins from hardware side. Blynk.virtualWrite(V0, 1); make V0 available via Http API.

ok thanks i’ll try

Does this only apply to virtual pins i.e. digital and analogue pins need to be present in the app?