How to Use ZeRGBa Widget With 1602 (RGB Backlit) LCD

I have seen in one video Pavel using zebra widget to change the colour of LCD display how’s that?? Please anyone provide the code

There is no fancy code required, the ZeRGBa widget can output three values directly to PWM capable pins on an Arduino or similar device with supported PWM pins - one each for RED, GREEN & BLUE. And the custom 1602 LCD w/ RGB backlight has three backlight input pins… you guessed it, one each for RED, GREEN & BLUE (and Common Anode - power).

You can also opt for virtual pins and add some code if you want more flexibility.

Simply search for the word zeRGBa in this forum for many examples of code to control RGB LED’s and even virtual LEDS and even the “backlight” colours on the LCD and other display widget colours on the App.

For example

This one was easy to provide as I had already posted it many times, but please remember, it is generally prefered if people do some searching and research on their own before asking for code.


Ok thanks,since I am a beginner I don’t know how to code blynk could you please help me with that??

Short answer, no :wink:

Long answer… I have already supplied links and code examples… There are many more links, documents, directions and examples that are available at the top right of this page. The rest is up to you to learn, as I and most everyone here has… except the ones that are secretly robots… they know who they are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But good news everyone, as you show effort and progress you will get more assistance. So fear not, you are not alone!

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Thank you