How to use tabs on Blynk IOT app

On the mobile dashboard in the tab 2 , how do I add second device

currently it seems to use one device in both the tabs any solution to it

in legacy version I could create tabs and add buttons to it and assign different devices to the buttons

cant seem to do that now

You can’t add a second device.
The front screen (tiles) show the devices, and you create a dashboard for each device. Within a device dashboard you can add tabs, but they relate to that device only.

If you want to send data from one device to another, so that it can be viewed in one dashboard, then you either need to do this using Automations, the HTTP(S) API or Node-Red.


I meant this type of separation of rooms and devices

how do I achieve this with blynk iot as If I have to turn on fan of room 3 I can just go to tab and click related button in legacy app


If those are different devices then they can’t be on the same set of tabs with Blynk IoT.

I bet around this by using Node-Red, and a single device in Blynk, but that’s not a simple solution to implement.


I understood your solution with nodered , thats a tedious way to implement though

This is one of the basic feature blynk should think to provide ofc in plus or pro plans but this is basic ui element which makes use of blynk in smart home easy to use

@Dmitriy @Pavel

curious to know what the ui is of smart home mentioned on their website , havent got any update on ui of that app

You can try automation

hmm not at all what a consumer would love to do if they bought the device and want to setup rooms

I understand your point that a way to group using automation is available but if I want to turn on a particular light in particular room , blynk 2.0 made it 100x harder to find and do it

In my opinion they should still find way to make money out of legacy app , some form of subscription rather than just leaving it out completely

I want to jump on 2.0 but seems like Its a step backwards

if they had released blynk iot first and legacy later I bet everyone would have thought that legacy is a major upgrade to iot with better ui ux ofc

You can do that using automation.

That’s not right at all, it’s much easier than you think. Just give it a try and see how easy it is.

I checked the automation feature Its not what I meant

thanks for the help though will be checking more of the blynk 2.0