How to use Blynk.syncAll() in Node-Red

I’ve some datastreams which i want to “restore” after a reconnect, so i checked the “Sync with latest server value…” option on the datastreams i want.

But how do i use the Sync node in Node-Red to call Blynk.syncAll()?

I saw Pete’s comment in the missing node #4 topic on Github Here, but i don’t see the Sync node connection to pins that Pete has when i connect the node to any input and update the flow.

That Input has to inject something for the sync node to be triggered. Start by manually injecting a time stamp with an object node to check that it’s working, then configure the inject node to trigger on deployment, but add a small delay to allow the connections to the Blynk server to be re-initialised.


I feel so stupid… Had to restart the flow… problem solved. Thanks for your time Pete!

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