How to use Blynk Eventor widget using virtual pin

Hi guys,
I need some help regarding with my project.
I need to water plants in a day for two times.just an example.
I have to use Eventor widget in BLYNK application.

But the problem is I have scheduled the time, but I cannot able to choose the virtual pin. It’s only showing
( Digital pin & analog pin ).

Is there any other solution. Even I need Eventor widget for many applications. Soo it’ll be very helpful for using the widget .
Please help with a solution.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Do you have any control Widgets and Blynk Functions (on the device code) assigned to the virtual pins you want to use? Eventor needs existing infrastructure to link to if using vPins.

Instead of using turn ON pin, use set pin to. There you will see the virtual pins.

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Yeshh …:slight_smile:
Thanks a lot…it works fine …
Used set pin to_.
Thank you buddy😊