How to use Blynk.config() to setup an enterprise connection


I’m trying to setup a connection with an “hotspot”: WPA2 enterprise, EAP-PEAP. I’m using an arduino MEGA with an ESP8266 shield, and i’m using

As far as i know it should be possible. I found and in the last post GTT said: “Now we can use Blynk.config() as that will allow you to use whatever WiFi setup you need, prior to connecting to Blynk’s server.”

I’ve read the documentation, but I still can’t figure out how to use Blynk.config() to setup a connection with SSID, username and password. Is there someone with an example?

Thanks in advance!

The simple answer is that you can’t.
As the documentation that @Gunner linked to says…

You can set up your connection type (WiFi, Ethernet, …) by yourself, and then call:

Blynk.config(auth, server, port);

It’s your responsibility to establish the WiFi connection, probably using WiFi.begin in a repeating loop until the connection is established.

Once you have the network/internet connection (assuming you’re using the Blynk cloud server) established then Blynk.config tells the library how to connect to the server.


Oh wow, now i understand… I will have a look in establishing an internetconnection myself…