How to transfer widgets from tab to tab

Dear Sirs, @Dmitriy @BlynkAndroidDev
I have tried many times with the latest Blynk app ( version Android 2.13.2 ) at my Android phones ( Android 5.1.1. & 6 & Droid4X ) to transfer widgets from tab nr.2 to tab nr.1 but very unsuccessfully .
I tried to drag at the tab nr.1 and hold for big time, I tried to keep it as long at the left edge of the phone no success either… What is the secret recipe to do it???

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

Hm, it’s strange. You need to transfer your widget to a new tab for 1.5 sec and also the widget’s view should become 50% transparent.

I am prepering a video to you @BlynkAndroidDev

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At which row your tabs widget is placed? Just check when the widget will become transparent and from that moment about 1.5sec and tabs should be changed.

Please see this Video and let me know if you need further testing from my side…!C0ExQTBL!_UGBCQNtbVZUgh4O36xUlbF5_6S2jy9GVhSxXB89z98

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I see that widget has transparency when you drag it firstly above the tab (which indicated tab switch mode), but when you drag it back to it - it is surely no in tab switch mode - could you try to drag the center of the widget above the tab?

Yep, i’ve reproduced this issue - seems it happens only in the case of Tabs on the bottom - will be fixed in next release (I guess it would be tomorrow).

By the way - we now recommend to move tabs to the top (but after such move - their positions could not be changed).

See this video too!XxVlBDIT!_nGeEfG4Gem0M7WoUz1RAuGuB1PVI7koIYdEBNo34sU

Sorry I did not see your reply ( due to video recording ). OK I read you now!

If you will move tabs to the top - such issues would not arise, but in any case you could wait for next release, it would be soon.

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I confirm that after moving tabs at the top, then the moving of widgets between tabs was working fine again.

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