How to share blynk app with a link instead of a qrcode

Is there a way to share blynk app with a link instead of a qrcode?

how about a link to the QR code…?
Other than that I don’t think so.

if i download qr code app i can see the link that goes with that qr code but i cant click it. i blurred alot of the link in the screenshot. it works if i press “open in browser”. could i make that into a clickable link?

Why exactly are you trying to do this?
What’s the problem with the current QR code process?


good thinking @danhoo, however, any URL it provides would somehow have to be input into the Blynk app…

@PeteKnight if I send someone the QR code and it arrives on their phone, how do they scan it on that phone? They have to display it on another device and then scan it right?

Yes, I think so.
The idea is that you display the QR code on your phone, and can it with the phone that you’re shariguit with.
If you’re not in the same location then you could screenshot and email the QR code, then either print it, or open it on another device (which could include a laptop, desktop PC, phone, tablet etc).

There was talk about being able to import a QR code from your photo library, but I don’t think that ever came to life. Maybe something for the roadmap :wink:


Yep, it should work, but you will need to decode the QR code before, we are not using this link in the share email, as most email providers to not allow custom links, like this one that starts with blynk://

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oh, you just gave me a great idea to put on the road map.

hey man, i just created this awesome blynk app
below is the qr code, but just incase, here is the link.
copy and paste in into the link icon on the blynk app.
the link is only valid for 2 weeks, if you miss it, you’ll have to get a new link.
</end of email>


Not positive on the Sharing, but at least with Cloning, there used to be a link that one could click on… even while still on the phone. I suspect that it got removed as other changes to the QR system were updated, what with projects getting bigger and bigger.

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I don’t understand this button on the start screen - the point is in that these links can already be opened by the app, but most mail apps and etc do not allow such links to be clickable, that’s why we are not sharing the links anymore, previously we had used tinyurl to workaround such issues, but after some time it became not usable too.

understood… sorry i was unaware.

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