How to setup blynk project using an Arduino Uno, Ethernet Shield and laptop?


I have just started using Blynk in the past few days. I had a few questions regarding the setup, I am using an Arduino Uno, Ethernet Shield, button, resistor, breadboard and laptop. This is for a project where when a button is pressed it takes the geolocation (Latitude and Longitude) from blynk and sends it to a specified email.

I know how to setup the breadboard, resistor, button and wiring of the breadboard, I know I need to attach the Ethernet shield to the Arduino Uno.

I have used the USB cable to connect the Arduino Uno with the laptop and an Ethernet cable from the Ethernet shield to the laptop. Is this part wrong ?

When I setup a local blynk server and entered the correct IP and port number to the custom connection option when making a project, it just says “reconnecting” and doesnt actually connect. Why is this ?

Also what are the reasons for when you see the message “Wasn’t Online Yet” ?

It sounds like you’re not ready to be running your own local Blynk server yet. Why don’t you use the Blynk cloud server instead?


Thank you I’ll give it a try