How to send number values from Blynk to Arduino?

I am (and have been) building a hydroponics controller with Arduino (Freetronics Ethermega), and I am also using Blynk. I have been able to get DHT and DS3231 RTC values from the Arduino to my Blynk, but now I am at a place in my project where I will need to be able to receive number values from Blynk to Arduino. The part of my project I am currently building is the dosing system that uses 8 motors that each drive a peristaltic dosing pump head. I want to be able to dial in differing numbers that the Arduino (via code) will translate into motor speed and duration that further will give me milliliters of a given nutrient. It will take a lot of experimenting to determine more precise feeding amounts, and needing to frequently change the code is just not practical.

Is there a widget that would allow me to pass values “to” Arduino? If no, please add this to the suggestion box!

Thank you


Send :
Blynk.virtualWrite(V0, val1, val2, val3, val4)

Get :

//trigger for Get Data somewhere in code

  String val1 = param[0].asStr();
  String val2 = param[1].asStr();

Thank you very much Dmitriy, that is exactly what I need!