How to send data from my pulse sensor to Smartphone?

Hi, currently i doing a pulsesensor to measure heartbeat rate which I successfully read the data from the sensor and displayed it on OLED display. However, I unable to send the data toward my blynk apps in my phone. Can anyone help me solve the coding for the arduino UNO serial USB to blynk?


how is connect your pulse sensor to arduino board ?
is it a SEN-11574 from Sparkfun ?

Yes, I do get the sensor to work which I got bpm on the oled display however I cant send the data to the blynk application in my phone

@lemonnoob Well… not sure how we can help… you haven’t shown us your code or anything you have tried so far… We are here to help you learn about Blynk, not be code monkeys or code mechanics on request.