(How to save Photon app and sketch) Probably an obvious answer

I have followed the tutorial that sets up my Phonton with the iphone Blynk app. How do I save this sketch and start a new one? I don’t see on the app a way to save it and start a fresh one?

I edited your topic title to be more relevant to your question.

The app project is automatically saved once you create it (it is saved on the cloud server under your account), you would have to manually delete if you so wished. You swipe left to go to another “Blank” page to create another project and so on.

As for any sketch you created for uploading to your device, you save that in whatever default or custom location on your computer via whatever IDE you are using.

Thanks, that was useful. One more question all the same line, how do I delete a a project on the server?

@sbs don’t forget you can scroll down in Smartphone apps. In fact Blynk has recently added the facility to the Projects you build.

Stop the the project, hit the nut icon, scroll down and hit delete.