How to run Music Player (Raspberry 3)

Hello people,

I’m 17 years old and I’m doing the final project which I have to present on december. My project is about home automation, everything works succesfully, but I want to play music on my “Raspberry 3” and I don’t know how to do.

I have installed Blynk without errors, but now, what I have to do?

Bartosz Gesiarz

Hello. So you was able to run Blynk js library on rasp?

@bartekges you want to play music on the Pi or you want to use the Music Player widget?

If the former then Google will give you the answer for the basics and then you just Blynkify your work.

If the latter what have you tied and what results did you get?

Quick googling showed me this You cna easily integrate this with Blynk. However it will require some coding skills.

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Yes, I was able to run Blynk.js library

@Costas I want to use the Music Player widget, sorry for not specify it before.

You need to convert the Arduino code examples to java format now.

Have you seen the Arduino examples?

Yes, I have seen Arduino code examples. But which code I have to format to java?

I’m not a java guy but something like copy the Blynk.js, that you have had running, to BlynkMP.js and add java for the Music Player widget by porting the Arduino code.

Are you familiar with Java and Arduino’s version of C++?

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I can search how to code in java, but what I have to code on that?
I have .mp3 files on the Raspberry 3, and I want to play them by the widget Music Player. <—That’s my purpose!!

Where I can find the code to the Music Player widget?

Have you?

Click Music Player link for the Arduino sketch.

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