How to run blynk local server as an autostarting service on ubuntu

hello everyone, i’m no linux guru , i have a local linux server running ubuntu 18.04 lts on which i run a couple of project like homeassistant and other, i’ve installed the blynk local server but i dont know how to set it to run as a service ,thus allowing me to still use my server for other stuff, would really like some guidance in this please.

thank you.

Run the command:
crontab -e
if this is your first time running it, you will be asked what editor to use, select nano.
Just add the command you use to run blynk and add @reboot to the beginning
it should be something like

@reboot java -jar /root/server-0.41.6-java8.jar

Press Ctrl+X and then Y and then Enter to save it.

Reboot your server and voila blynk should start up and be running in background


I think it works like under windows 10,
in background , not as a service.

Yes and that should be enough for everyday usage

try to use hosted server instead of local server, its also have lots of energy to use.
server: [URL removed by moderator]
phone port: 9443
mcu port: 8080

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I’ve removed the URL to the server you posted.

This is not a an officially supported Blynk server, even though it tries to appear that way.

Previous topics promoting this service have been removed and future topics/posts will continue to be removed. Please refrain from posting this URL again in future, otherwise your account will be suspended.


Thanks for the info but i prefer my own hosted environment, i have a server rack and electricity isn’t as i generate my own…, but thank for the reply.