How to make users see just one of my devices?

Blynk Legacy has now stopped working. Thats okay, i knew that coming.

With Legacy app three family members was enable to just see my garage device and all members was able to open/close the garage door via butten in the app.

But with Blynk 2.0 (new app) i cant assign these three users just to one device. All users can see all my devices. I do not want them to be able to do any changes either.

How can i invite three users to just one device (garage port opener) without they can see my other devices?

Do i need a Pro plan for that? If yes, i think it’s cheaper to just make someone set up an ny garage port opener with app possibilites.

I have an Plus Plan.

Hello, @Bjerknez

You can read this doc Device Sharing - Blynk Documentation

In your case:
Create sub organization (available only for the PRO users), invite the user to the sub organization and transfer the device into it


I don’t think i will pay 500 dollar pr year for letting my family open the garage door.

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Please read the documentation, maybe you will find another way.


There are some possible solutions using an additional free account (assuming no more than 5 different family members who only need access to this garage door opener device).

(1) Use the HTTP(S) API and a WiFi connected device on the free account. This simply acts as a ‘relay station’. A widget press on the dashboard of the “relay” device forwards the command via an HTTP(s) API call, to your door opener device which is part of your Plus account, and activates the garage door.
If you need to send feedback to the dashboard of the relay device then once again you’d do this via the HTTP(S) API - this time from the door opener device on Plus account to your relay device on the free account.
Both devices would need to be capable of running an HTTP client, so an ESP8266 or ESP32 based device would be suitable. The ‘relay’ device could simply be an ESP-01 if you wanted.

(2) Very similar to (1) above, but using Node-Red. This doesn’t require the ‘relay’ device to be a physical device, and uses the Blynk plug-in for Node-Red to create connections to the two accounts and pass data back and forth between the two accounts.


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Thats too complicated.

Probably far less complicated than the alternatives.

What type of device is used for your garage door opener?


If you multiply 500 dollars with lets say 10 years for å profesionally installed app system in my garage regards to how lang i suspect the installed system to last, we talking 5000 dollars for using Blynk for ten years.

I do not think it cost 5.000 dollar to let someone install an app system in my garage. Many garage door providers can deliver that mutch mutch cheaper.

I’m using ESP32 for the garage project.

Look here:

140 dollar for å plug and play system. And no hassle.

So a couple of hours work and an ESP-01 or NodeMCU would have you up and running with a working system.


Yes, maybe. But with old Blynk all had worked fine without hassle. Now is all the work i have done destroyed. And who knows… maybe Blynk will make changes in the future that make me do that over again.

It’s just too mutch hassle.

For my other projects thats just for me it works fine, but sharing some devices with other is not possible without Pro plan.

It’s just easier to pay for å new garage port remote and app system and make someone install it for me. And mutch mutch cheaper too.

You can build your own app using MIT App Inventor or Kodular and use it to control specific Blynk devices.
Just build the app, then share it with the users, and they’ll be able to control Blynk devices. You don’t have to invite the user to your organization at all.

Yes, but all this should have been possible just using Blynk 2.0. At least with PLUS subscription.

To pay 500 dollar pr. year for that is just not gona happend.

For 150 dollar i get all that i want (and more) installed by professionals, without monthly subscribtion etc.

So i guess Blynk from now on is only for my smaller projects that do not have users.

You can create a separate non-Blynk device using a different platform, such as Sinric Pro or ESP Rainmaker for free.

I think @Bjerknez is more interested in focusing on problems rather than solutions :confused:



No. My focus is “most products for the money and time usage”.

So ready made system in this case is the big winner.

If i call my Mercedes Workshop and complains an noise in the engine and the dealer tells me i have to call BMW is strange.

I want to use Blynk. If it’s not possible, thats ok. But i do not want to use third party solutions. Too mutch hassle.

But thanks for feedback. I think i buy an ready made system.

You can build your own for free with no effort instead.

I would have thought that a couple of hours and an ESP-01 would have been the best time/cost compromise, but each person makes their own assessment.


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now with this new 2.0 I’ve lost a client, I’m so sad now only for the cost but I think it is still not stable and I’m still confusing :roll_eyes:

So you were using Blynk Legacy commercially?

If so then you were using it illegally unless you had a commercial “White Label” contract with Blynk, and if that was the case then moving to a Pro subscription will be much cheaper than you were previously paying.
A Pro subscription allows you to edit access rights and create sub organisations, so the issues described in this topic won’t apply.