How to make my projects

how can I connect the blynk app with arduino uno, esp8266 wifi module with sensors and relay. Please help me, I have been searching in the internet and nothing came out

You should search better.

ESP+Uno is also covered by numerous topics at the community.

  • read the welcome message for how to use this forum

  • read the docs for how to use blynk

  • watch the blynk tutorial videos on youtube

  • use the sketch builder

  • come back if you have concrete questions, which are blynk related

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Which search engine?

Which search terms?

Was the search term something like “cat, rainbow, New Zealand”?


i mean the code for arduino uno

whats wrong with you bro? im just asking,

It’s called humor :wink:

Silly questions perhaps, considering the wealth of documentations already created expressly for answering such questions :smiley:

I think you need bettter internets :wink:


PS, Welcome to the Blynk forum…we use higher quality string here…

me too.

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