How to make app always running?

HI guys,
I need to let the mobile app to be always on, because i’ve to share my application within different smartphones sharing same application as my application is monitoring water level into a tank to check pump is working properly. Is there a way to switch off my phone and drop the mobile app to run on a server all time? Or making in execution in background somewhere without requiring my phone (master application phone)
Thank you for anyone who helps.

The “master application” is on your MCU, not on your phone, so the app continue running even if the phone is off.

This is what I was thinking. But if I switch off my phone the shared link sent to the other devices said that the author has stopped the application.

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It gives shared users that message when you hit the square Stop button in the to right hand corner of the app. This puts the master version of the app in edit mode, and during this time shared users can’t use the app. When you’ve made your app changes and put it back in Run mode the changes you’ve made will be reflected in the shared copies of the app and users will be able to use it again.

Closing your phone, with the app in run mode, has no effect on shared users.



Hi Pete
I think you got it…thank you for your quick reply…i was thinking it was the phone going off but it was me pressing stop during exit…my fault…thank u again!

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