How to make a weekly timer?

Link to the code. I don’t know how to make the days of the week.

You’ll need to provide more information if you want us to help you.


This is what I want


Have you added the”Time Input” widget to your app?
Note that this is NOT the “Timer” widget, which does not have the option for days of the week input.

Have you turned- on the “Allow days of week selection” switch in the widget?


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It works :man_facepalming:

And how to make V1 = HIGH and after a certain time V1 = LOW

If you mean every time it triggers to run for x amount of time. Try a Lambda timer. Some examples if you search the forum here.

My point is that, for example, on Monday the relay will turn on at 7:00 and it will turn off at 7:10

If it will be consistent then the Lambda is perfect. Actually you could use a slider the adjust the amount of time “delayed” till it turns off.

This is to run on different days of the week

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@tomixps you need to improve your communication.
At the moment you are posting one line messages which could be statements, questions or observations. You’ve posted no code, no information about your hardware setup, what the project is meant to achieve or where you are along the road to building the project you want.

I’d suggest you take a step back and start the conversation again if you have questions/issues that you need help with.


I want to make a weekly timer to control relays using the “TIME INPUT” widget

Yes, but a one line message of “I want…” plus a link to some code tells us nothing about this stuff…


I just don’t know where to start. I can’t find anything like it.

The best starting point is deciding on what the project is actually going to do.
This will probably inform your decision about the type of board to choose and what IoT connectivity you are going to adopt.

I find that if you are unsure it helps to document your aims and objectives, preconditions, assumptions and constraints in a structured manner then proceed from there.


I did it on “EVENTOR”