How to make a simple code with Blynk iOS and Raspberry Pi 2

Hi all,

I backed Blynk because it is very cool project, nice work Pavel and team.
So I’m relatively new to Blynk and a newbe. I hope you can help me with my small project.

I do have a working Raspberry Pi 2 with simple LED on, and with my iOS Blynk app i have made a simple Blink LED on GPIO output gp16 - switch mode.
And that works very well.

Now i do like to make some more:
How can i make 5 motor or LED´s to run,

At Blynk App Button 1
like to make motor 1 to run i 25sec on GPIO gp2 and LED1 to blink on on GPIO gp7 and stop then start motor 2 in 20sec on GPIO gp3 and stop.

At Blynk App Button 2
like to make motor 3 to run i 15sec on GPIO gp4 and stop then start motor 4 and 5 in 20sec on GPIO gp5, gp6 and stop… and so on

Meg Zamani

Here’s the response from the similar topic: