How to make a server on my android phone

Hello, I am wondering, I do not have a raspberry pi but I do however have a spare android phone (lg g3) and I was wondering if I could use that as a server for blynk as I am in the process of making a sort of robot thing, it has a router on the top of it and basically it wont be able to connect to the internet as it is free roaming, would there be a way to make a server on my phone that my arduino using ENC28J60 will be able to connect to?

Hello, I think this is possible, but may be not trivial.

how would I go about installing it?

Same way as for rasp pi. See

hello @orfordj, did you managed to use android as server? i’m also interested in this, because i have to use blynk in area with no 3g and should be a small, portable configuration.

Check this, simple google search, might help

@wanek Do you realise that you have commented on two old and separate threads that have been stagnate for between 10 and 16+ months… and that both users you are reaching out too, for an unlikely solution, haven’t even been “seen” (aka logged in) on the forums since April 2016?

The correct way would have been to create a new thread and ask current users.

That said, server needs Java to run and the only way (that I saw) a basically crippled Java emulation can run on Android is after rooting it (I found this out in 5 minutes of Google searching)… I don’t think it will run server, at least easily, but feel free to try on your own.

Or just use a RPi, or even install server on a >C.H.I.P.< You can even go >Pocket C.H.I.P.< with battery, keyboard and screen for a portable Local Blynk Server… Other C.H.I.P. users have even gotten it to run as a WiFi access point…

thanks, i already did this :slight_smile:
but if you look closer, you will find out that the lib link is broken: “This file is no longer available because of a claim by LeakID.”

and on the same topic, on stackoverflow it says:
"Concernig the mentiones app JBED: Well honestly, I could not find any credible source for this tools JBED, so I would really be very cautious (e.g. who is the developer?) "

so, i would rather not use this app. also, i’m not expert in java stuff, but afaik it is not just as simple to use the server directly on the android. this is why i tried to find someone who has actually tried to do so.

have you tried this one?

Im at work cant acces my pc atm (teamviewer bug) so cant test it myself

yeah, this is EXACTLY what i’m looking right now me too :slight_smile:
somehow all these java emulator i found are not very dependable…
all had suspicious (to say at least) websites / developers.

for example this app is some chinese stuff, last updated in 2014…

Forgot it, I tried… failed :slight_smile:

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Sup @Gunner

thanks for reporting @Lichtsignaal, you saved me some time and probably some neurons :slight_smile:

any recommendations for obtaining an ultralight ultra portable blynk server
…and preferably as cheap as possible?

Raspberry pi zero should do the trick :wink:

yes, but it has wifi? or how it is supposed to connect with phone and wemos?

Found some guy mentioning this

“Just create a Android project in IntellJ, NetBeans or Eclipse, add your jar to the libs directory and write your little Android GUI for it.”

So could work that way perhaps? If anyone is up for trying

Just use USB nano stick for WiFi :slight_smile:
This should do the trick + micro usb to USB adapter

You could pry open the dongle and Desolder the USB and replace it with this type

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thanks :wink:

at the moment it seems that i will get some semi-broken windows phone, in weekend. i will try with that first. theoretically it should work…
that is zero money spent and is super compact with battery included, no case needed. if it will not work, the next step will be the rpi + wifi dongle.

as for the [quote=“Fettkeewl, post:16, topic:1540”]
Just create a Android project in IntellJ

i had never wrote any code for android, nor have any experience with java. so, definitely i will not begin right now. i have to resolve this issue with mobile server asap and as simple as possible.

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Just an FYI, there is apparently a new pi member

Raspberry Pi Zero W
With WiFi and and Bluetooth at $10

wow, this indeed looks very nice!