How to keep offline processing?

Hi, i created a system but i don’t want it to stop working if my connection goes down, so i also added control over bluetooth, but when the connection goes down, the Arduino tries to reconnect to blynk servers and gets stuck.

The bluetooth control is using another mobile app and HC-06 module and it works when my arduino is connected to blynk servers.

How can i both try to reconnect and keep processing other data?

You can manage connection manually. Here is a link to documentation

Can you refresh for me the link to documentation.
Is posible when starting the arduino to start the process and after that to try to reconnect to blynk?
Is very important to not depending on internet connection.

My backup plan is to put 2 arduinos comunicating via I2C with EasyTransferI2C library for sending parameter name and values between them. I have a test code but is not tested yet.