How to Install SimpleTimer library for Blynk in Raspberry Pi

Hi everybody, I’m starting in this world of Raspberry Pi and Blynk projects since this week and I made succesfully the first project with this post: Using C++ on a Raspberry Pi with Blynk.

Then I was trying to do other projects from Blynk Examples Browser, specifically with: GettingStarted/PushData and it says that I’ve to use the SimpleTimer library and a website to download it, when I made the same steps and a type:

./build raspberry

I received an error from the terminal:

 pi@raspberrypi:~/blynk-library/linux $ ./ raspberry
./ line 2: //: Is a directory
rm main.o BlynkDebug.o ../src/utility/BlynkHandlers.o blynk
g++ -I ../src/ -I ./ -DLINUX -c -O3 -w -DRASPBERRY main.cpp -o main.o
main.cpp:41:25: fatal error: SimpleTimer.h: No such file or directory
 #include <SimpleTimer.h>
compilation terminated.
Makefile:69: recipe for target 'main.o' failed
make: *** [main.o] Error 1

and I can’t run the project from Blynk, I think that I have not finished to install the Simple Timer library so I wan to know if somebody can help me to show me how to install correctly this library or any other.

Sorry for my bad english :pensive:

Best regards


I had similar questions when I tried using the Blynk linux-library on the Pi.
After alot of research and after reading vhymanskyy’s post here, I dediced to use the node.js version of Blynk. Using the provided examples on GitHub it may be an easier start.

There you can just use setTimeout() and setInterval() - Methods and have many additional libraries.

Review this snippet from the original post you referenced above… being that it is C++ like, and not true Arduino, there may not be an option for SimpleTimer??.. This would be more a question to ask on the >WiringPi site<. Or just use millis() as @Costas did in his example.