How to increase flood limit on local server


I would like to increase the flood limit on a local server. Has anyone done this? How?

Thanks in advance for help

I thought it was in the file?

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Ive never looked in there,

Good time to start I guess

Its all in the documentation:


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Thanks for the spoon feed.

I did look but was not sure what to. Ill give it a try now

hey Nick do you have to pay for energy to use the widgets on the local server?

I didn’t because I built my projects before energy was around. So I don’t know sorry.

I use cloud server mostly and pay for energy on that.

Do I just make a folder and type in this text?

Yup and then start/restart it

Here is a example:

Ok, I did that but can still flood the server if I stab at the buttons repeatedly.

Is that definitely the parameter that relates to flooding?

When I saved my properties file it asked if I wanted to save as ‘text’ or ‘ODF’ format. I chose text?

It is named correctly and is in the same folder as the server jar file

did you restart the server?

Yup save as text, then remove the extention (like .txt for instance).

I ended up just modifying the limit line in the example… maybe give that a go instead?

Yes, i did restart the RP.

Ill try using the whole example file

Just realised you might be best to create the file in a text editor… for a word formatter.

Download Notepad++ for Linux and use it for everything text!

EDIT: just looked it up and cant believe notepadd++ doesnt have a native linx client! check out this list for alternatives:

I used notepad++, modified the file to 1000 requests per second, saved it as and put it in the same folder that server-0.16.4.jar lives.

no joy, still can flood pretty easy. not really an issue for me but I would like to know i can get the server properties modified if i need.

I will try another editor if you think that is the issue.

how do you know it is flood (just asking the obvious)

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from the serial monitor output in the Arduino IDE

I have to really stab at the buttons fast to make it happen, its probably a good feature really

you still must be doing a lot of requests each press though?

Yeah I cant believe you can press a button more than 100 times a second (default flood rate)…

Show us your code?