How to have 2 Separate Blynk Projects on 1 ESP8266

I have 2x NodeMCU dev boards which has the ESP8266-12 on it. I currently have 2 projects (1 per esp) the 1st project is a simple GPIO->Optocoupler->Electric Automatic Gate RF Remote and the 2nd project is a IR Blaster. Because both of these projects use so few total resources, I would like to run both Projects from 1 board, the trick is that I would like to still maintain seperate Project pages as it is now. This is important because I have older people using these projects to control the electric gate and the IR blaster to control TV/Receiver and having them on the same page can lead to the gate being open the entire night when all they wanted to do was off the tv.

You could use multiple Auth Tokens to make more dashboards. The only thing is that your logic has to be in order, but with the 32 vPins that should not be an issue, like so:

multiple auth tokens, this sounds promising. im gonna read up on it now. thank you.