How to get project back online after a router/modem failure

My project has been working fine for years. I monitor outdoor temperature and send it to the app on my Apple devices, using an NodeMCU wifi module. A lightning storm ruined the modem in my house, and I’ve installed a new one. I edited the password in my sketch and reloaded it. The app still shows the project is Offline. What else do I need to do to get it back online? I’ve also tried a different sensor that was not connected, so that I know it was not damaged by a power surge. No success, the app still shows the project is offline.

Are you connecting to the 2.4GHz band on your router ? Because 5GHz is not supported by esp8266.

Make sure you have entered your wifi credential’s correctly.

Thanks. I updated the password, but not the SSID. Works now.

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@Rbruns If your project uses the original Blynk (Legacy) and the Blynk cloud servers rather than your own Blynk local server then the project will stop working permanently at the end of this year.

Read this: