How to get CSV file on Blynk 2.0

How to get the CSV file from blynk 2.0? i access it from web dashboard but, it doesnt show the data. From the mobile app, there is no report widget anymore.

Which subscription plan are you using?
If it’s the Free plan then data export to CSV doesn’t appear to be available…

If it’s a paid plan then how do you have your datastream settings configured for the datastreams you wish to export?


iam subsribed on plus membership. I try with Download report but no data show up

Did you choose the “save raw data” option for your datastreams?

When you chose Download Report, what Data Aggression option did you choose in “Advanced”?


im not activate the “save raw data” on data stream and data aggregation is on default " raw data". Okay ill try with that. thanks for the info