How to forget WIFI that store by Provisioning in EEPROM - SOLVED

Hello I’m really new to Blynk and i start making my first project using WiFimanager by Tzapu and it work fine and then i saw provisioning feature release on Blynk.
Using this feature make easy to customer connect to new WIFI that WIFImanager but I can’t manage to solve one problem, It about “How to forget WIFI credential that provisioning library store?” Please help me :disappointed:

The reset procedure is described in docs.

Excuse me but can’t find it in Docs. Can you give me direct link to that content?

I am not positive if this is what you are referring to, but after searching around, I found this info on “Resetting the board”; And no, it is not in the DOC’s per se, but rather in the Help Center under this link - look toward the end.

thank you very much, I tried looking around. I shouldn’t over myPlant